Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Slovakia in the EU - Current Issues and Challenges

Media coordinator of Media4Development project Peter Ivanič has on 3rd of December 2015 met  in Svätý Jur near Bratislava with 15 journalists from Slovak regional media offices, and presented them basics of journalism from development perspective. To explain that he used example of Sustainable development goals and whole UN agenda as such.

The aim was to show to journalists that development / global perspective can be included in almost all topics they usually cover in their media work, as well as to explain them that new UN development agenda 2030 is, unlike all previous development agendas until now, applicable universally to the whole world, not exclusively to global South countries. Thus, also Slovakia and its internal public policies should be considered as those, which influence development of our common planet, and journalists, as watchdogs of decision-makers, should try to monitor its implementation at both, national and international level. 

Meeting and presentation took place during seminar Slovakia in the EU - Current Issues and Challenges. Event was organised by Academia Istropolitana NOVA - member organisation of Slovak NGDO Platform - and EC representation in Slovakia. There was also present a head of representation Dušan Chrenek, a head of press office of EC representation Andrej Králik and press & communication officer Ingrid Ludvigová.

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