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Mondo activity update December 2015

Public Campaign & Events

Summer 2015 was busy for Mondo as we had a big public campaign on the European Year of Development. We worked together with Vatson advertising company. Selecting them was a tough process, but their creative ideas were positive and empowering – which was the feeling we wanted the campaign to focus on.

"Maailma muuta on võimalik!" – "It is possible to change the world!" was the heading of the campaign. It had four main themes and visuals:

Women's empowerment and living income:
Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 08.13.48.png

The importance of education:
Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 08.13.18.png

Hygien and access to toilets:
Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 08.13.56.png

Sustainable consumerism and fair trade:
Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 08.26.19.png

Two of the visuals and topics were represented on streets (bus stops) in chosen locations:

We also displayed ads in:
  • Womens magazines
  • Cinema toilets
  • Cafeteria tabletops
  • Online (targeted ads in Google Ads, Facebook and one local ad network)

Additionally we managed to have some articles written and published on the topic in some of the magazines; and we also had a newspaper insert in one of the biggest newspapers in Estonia (Eesti Päevaleht). All in all we were happy with the campaign and received some positive feedback from the public.

We also arranged a development cooperation-oriented discussion in Arvamusfestival (Opinion Festival) and took part of the Sõbralik Eesti (Friendly Estonia) public concert with a guerilla campaign.

In the beginning of November (6.11) we held a youth event at the Parliament of Estonia in cooperation with Estonian National Commission for UNESCO and Estonian Fund for Nature about climate change. 63 people took part. We had workshops (social media use for activism, activism on the streets, writing an opinion article, building solar panels and envisioning new energy sources) and short lectures for the youth, followed by the opening of the "Decent Life for All" photo and article exhibition and a visit to the Ministry of Environment where the minister gave a short speech to the youth. One active youth (Mihkel Kaalep) was chosen to take part of the activists event "Climate Bus" that travelled through different European spots of interest and finally arrived to the Paris Climate Conference location where he took part of events and seminars for climate activists. As he is a student of the 9th grade, an "older" youth (Sanna Kartau) was chosen to accompany him :)

Journalist's Grant

From 03.09.-13.09.2015 Peeter Raudsik, an independent journalist who works both with Postimees and ERR, travelled to Afghanistan to cover development cooperation issues there. It was a good experience for him and also for us. He has already published three articles, one in the paper newspaper and two also available online:

Photo & Article Competition

As well as most other partners, we held a nation-wide photo and article competition. We received 72 photos and 14 articles to the competition. The winner in the photo category is Laura Toomlaid and in the article competition Karolin Kruuse. You can view the winning photos as a gallery here: and read the winning article here:

We are very grateful to our jury who (despite great differences in geographical locations!) managed to make a great choice out of all the very good works presented to the competition. The jury consisted of: well-known Estonian photographer and traveller Kaupo Kikkas; publisher, traveller and entrepreneur Tiit Pruuli; desk officer for development cooperation at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Helen Ennok; foreign news editor and journalist Evelyn Kaldoja and the head of European Commission Representation in Estonia Hannes Rumm.

The exhibition was opened at the Parliament of Estonia on the 6th of November where we also held the youth event on climate change.

Joint Study Trip to Nigeria

After a long process with different Nigerian visa officials, our joint study trip was brought to life in October. Big thanks to Maiju from VIKES who made all the necessary arrangements. The two journalists from Estonia (Riin Aljas, Tiit Blaat) were very happy with the trip.


Mondo has also put together and distributed two new bulletins. The second bulletin of the year was about the Sustainable Development Goals and was distributed in September, the third bulletin of the year was about COP21 in Paris and was distributed in the beginning of December, during the Paris climate talks.

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