Monday, 27 November 2017

Media outputs from Afghanistan

Tomáš Vasilko, a Slovak journalist and reporter working for one of the largest Slovak dailies Dennik N, Tomáš Vasilko who participated in the joint media trip to Afghanistan in July 2017 organized by the project partner BAAG prepared a long reportage from the trip named Reportáž z najchudobnejšieho kúta Ázie,odkiaľ utekajú ľudia, a čo s tým robí Západ (Reportage from the poorest corner of Asia, a place from where people run away and what the West does about that).

Photo: Joel van Houdt
During the trip, he met Jana Jakubíková from Slovakia, who has been living in Afghanistan for more than six years where she is helping Afghan women, and published an interview Cestu do Afganistanu som rodičom zatajila (I concealed my trip to Afghanistan from my parents) with her.   

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