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This year so far from Eurohouse - African Days and study trips


In the beginning of 2017 the article column in Lithuanian daily “Lietuvos žinios” was continued and articles appeared once a week on both printed and electronic versions of the news outlet.
In spring 2017 the new cooperation with Lithuanian second biggest news portal took place and a separate column The World as You See It was initiated in the portal
Articles covered the following topics: experiences of Tajik and Pakistani origin people in their native country and Lithuania, political, ecological and religious situation of Ghana, involvement of Afghani youth in film making, elections in Nigeria, traditional Bathika in Indonesia, volunteering in Kenya and Ghana, women’s rights in Mexico and other.    

Study trips
5-16 March journalist Goda Jurevičiūtė from the national daily Lietuvos žinios participated in the study trip to Uganda organised by project leading partner Mondo. The trip was followed by the articles published in the above daily on coping with postwar issues and revitaliation of former soldiers in Uganda as well as chess trainer and his work with young people in Uganda. Other articles will be published in the second half of the year as well as informal public discussion will be organised on the journalist’s experience in Uganda.

Lithuanian MP Virginijus Sinkevičius participated in the study trip to Philipines for politicians organised by project partner organisation PIN. In cooperation with Lithuania’s MFA meeting with Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania was organised there. As a follow-up of the visit, Mr Sinkevičius organised a briefing to MFA officials so that ensure sustainability and strengthening diplomatic relations with Phillipines. In autumn a number of publicity measures a planned such as public discussion, appearance in electronic and printed national media.

Training in Helsinki

Young freelance journalist Auksė Podolskytė took part in the  training in Helsinki organized by partner organisation VIKES. During the training Auksė has improved her knowledge and skills on reporting on developing countries and issues related to development. Auksė has joined the project team and volunteers as reporter preparing articles for the special column in the national news portal

African Days’ Events

Number of events were organised on May 22-28 in cooperation with Lithuania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other partners and were promoted with the help of outdoor posters, participation in the national radio program, social media. House of Europe implemented  the following events: 3 films’ screenings, forum theatre performance about African immigrant life in Lithuania and the discussion afterwards, slam poetry evening which included competition, discussion on Neoliberal Moral Economy and Africa, public lecture by Elva Narcia “Information saves lives – working on humanitarian news in South Sudan”, public lecture by dr. Jorg Wiegratz “Power and morals: capitalism, fraud & social harm”.

Screening of documentaries

Three documentaries of the project partners, namely  Market economy about Ethiopian market and its daily routine and Conciousness In Mobiles about Kenya and usage of innovative technologies in the development produced by Estonian TV ERR as well as documentary about mountain gorrilas Mountain spirits produced by Latvian producer Woodpecker films. The screening took place in the cinema boutique Pasaka.

Lectures and roundtables
Mexican journalist Elva Narcia gave a lecture and facilitated discussion with journalism students at the Vilnius University institute of Journalism on reporting on development and her personal experience in Afghanistan and South Sudan. The lecture followed by an interview and an article in news portal

Public lecture by Jörg Wiegratz

On the occasion of International Africa Days, dr. Jorg Wiegratz gave a lecture „Power and morals: capitalism, economic fraud and social harm in Africa and beyond“.  Jörg Wiegratz is Lecturer in Political Economy of Global Development at the University of Leeds. He researches the political economy and moral economy of neoliberalism in Africa and elsewhere. In the seminar, he argued that capitalism is a moral order and moral economy, i.e. has a moral grammar. Capitalism’s moral order, together with its political-economic order, has over the last centuries produced vast social harms in numerous places, from large-scale colonial slavery, imperial wars, and workplace injuries and deaths, to climate change effects. J.Wiegratz focused on one particularly relevant case: the massive and increasing levels of economic fraud in many countries across the world, including in sub-Saharan Africa.

Forum theatre performance
Forum theatre performance was organized on the issues of Nigerian newcomer life in Lithuania challenging Lithuanian attitudes towards newcomers and developing countries. After the performance roundtable discussion with migration expert, journalist having experience in Nigeria and Ghana as well  as original Nigerian residing in Lithuania took place. During the discussion experts shared their insights into how developing countries and their inhabitants are seen by Lithuanian population, what could be done in order to change negative attitudes and raise awareness.

Discussion “Neoliberal moral economy: origins and operations”

In the discussion dr. Jorg Wiegratz discussed the neoliberal moral economy and its’ impacts around the world with the Vilnius University academics: dr. Vytautas Kuokštis and dr. Rūta Žiliukaitė. The discussion focused around the topic is it neoliberalism to blame for global social and economic injustice, fraud and power asymmetry.
Discussion “Neoliberal moral economy: origins and operations”

Informal discussions about developing countries

Three informal discussion in the public places of Vilnius about developing countries took place. Journalists who visited it and people representing particular countries: India, Palestine and Nepal made the presentations. Radio and daily journalist Karolis Vyšniauskas talked about Palestine trip in which he took part together with journalists from other Baltic states, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Daily “Verslo zinios” journalist Milda Tarcijonaite told about Nepal and the challenges people face after the earthquake. In the third discussion social media campaign “Ours” participant Kranthi Cumar told about his homeland India, in particular growing IT city Hyderabad and the mix of traditionalism and modernism in the country.

Social media campaign

Social media campaign “Ours” continued to bring the attention to the people from developing countries living in Lithuania and relevant issues in their homeland. Every week the photo story is posted in numeral places on Facebook.  People from Ukraine, Moldova, Pakistan, India and etc. were portrayed. The separate Facebook page was launched and currently it has more than 300 followers.

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