Sunday, 15 January 2017

Premiere of the documentary “Three Jewels”

ERR together with Mondo and the writer-director Gerli Nõmm organised public screening to the documentary. 

On 22nd November 2016 the documentary “Three Jewels” was premiered in Kinomaja cinema in Tallinn with 55 viewers.

Sound director Indrek Soe, translator Nguon Somalya, writer-director Gerli Nõmm and cinematographer Martin Tennokene

Briefly about the film:
The documentary "Three Jewels" takes us to Buddhist Cambodia to tell us the stories of three women from different generations. They come from the same village and their common passion is traditional singing but fate has treated them differently.

The main hero Srey Oun is 35 years old, single and given up her dream of going to the capital to study traditional music - in order to help her parents cope with hard work in the country.

25-year-old Srey Pov on the other hand has got everything she ever dreamed of - she is a famous singer and has her own business in the capital Phnom Penh. She is able to support her family without any concerns.

Blind bard Koeut Ran who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide has dedicated her life to teaching dharma song and now can proudly see her former students spreading ancient knowledge.

You can watch the documentary “Three Jewels

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