Saturday, 14 January 2017

Premiere of the documentary “Market Economy”

ERR together with Mondo and the film-makers writer Kristo Elias, director Mihkel Ulk and cinematographer Madis Reimund organised public screening to the documentary.

On 29th October 2016 the documentary “Market Economy” was premiered in Artis cinema in Tallinn - 155 persons participating.

Briefly about the film:
Abebe and Ashenafi are usual 10-year-old boys who were sent by their parents to Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia, to work as boot polishers to prevent their families from starving.

They work every day on the streets to earn a living and to help their parents. You could see that they are among the lowest members of society and they do not have a chance to break out of it.

Abtu is an orphan and a hot blooded errand boy and work is the last thing he wants to think about.

Bertukan is a mother of three who carries heavy loads to make some money.
Another very interesting group of people were wood carrying ladies, who gather eucalyptus branches in the mountains surrounding the city and from state forest and carry their heavy loads to Addis Ababa wood market. It is physically very hard work, which would be challenging even to men. Besides carrying wood they raise their children and in the meantime breastfeed their infants. The sights we saw were very sad and unjust as many life situations in Ethiopia are today.

Mulugeta is a well-educated tourist guide who is above all others thanks to knowing the English language.
All these Ethiopians are united by the biggest market in Africa, endless and colorful Mercato. The documentary "Market Economy" observes 5 a working day of 5 ordinary people in one of the poorest countries of the world where even filming was an extraordinary challenge.

The documentary "Market Economy" in cinema Artis gallery:

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