Tuesday, 31 May 2016

We are what we eat – New bulletin on nutrition in developing countries

To produce food or to nourish people? The agriculture projects tend to produce food only, without considering the impact on improving nutrition of local people. PIN’s long-term strategy is to  promote the fundamental role of good, balanced and sustainable nutrition, which should be  present in all aspects of our work in developing countries. Undernutrition is one of the main threats to global health. Many scientific studies have proved that undernutrition has a direct impact on the quality of people’s lives – worse performance at school, lower economic growth or reduced work productivity are the results of continuous lack of essential nutrients and vitamins. To be fed properly from childhood is one of the conditions for better health in the future. Hence, we decided to focus on the role of nutrition in our first issue of Rozvojovka bulletin in 2016.
Readers can find out more about the discovered benefits of wild growing plants and their possible potential in enhancing people’s diet, new and currently trendy “superfood” quinoa and its impact on the biggest quinoa’s importer Peru, the future of food production during climate change, emerging obesity epidemic in developing countries and many others. Furthermore, we present three successful Czech development projects in Ethiopia, South Sudan and Cambodia and their contribution to food sustainability in respective regions.

Bulletins were sent to relevant decision makers, i.e. members of Czech national Parliament and Czech representatives in European Parliament, Ministries' officials, key development experts, scholars, NGO representatives and also to our subscribers. We hope they will have a good read. 

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