Friday, 6 November 2015

Photo and story competition in Slovakia

Photo & story competition Decent Life for All started in Slovakia on 1st July and finished on 20th September 2015.

Out of 20 photographs received, the four person jury consisted of:

Beáta Lipovská, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Tomas Halasz,
Klara Rundova,
Representation of European Commission in Slovakia
Andrea Plulíková,
student, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava     

decided that best photo was submitted by Martin Krpac from the commercial TV JOJ:

Cry for help
More than thousand of dead, ten thousands of wounded, millions of people lost their homes. That is the result of typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines in November 2013. The immediate humanitarian aid was the most important. And actions taken by Slovakia were brilliant. Financial as well as material help were sent to the Philippines. And even the medical one. Slovak field hospital was created in the area Slovak Samaritans cured the tens of old people, men and women, and also children every day. Local people thanked them and had a great regard for their help.
Philippines, 2013

The second one was the photo by Anton Fric, the freelance photographer:

Nur a Sarah are revising what they had learnt before they ran from home
Seven-year old Nur and eight-year old Sarah are learning inside one of the tents in refugee camp Mar Ellia in Christian district in town of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. Children of refugees have very limited access to education. As they do not go to school, they at least revise what they had learnt before they ran away from home.
Iraq, 2014

Third best photo was taken by Lenka Basnakova:

The Old Man
This old and disabled man is looked after by his wife. Despite her age, this 74-year old woman still washes dishes and cleans up. Her monthly wage of 200 rupees is hardly enough to buy one portion of rice a day for both of them. After I had published this photography on social network, many of my friends came to realize how it is difficult to be old and poor in India and they started sending money to the old couple. Now, they can afford rice for two years. Thank to my friends.
India, 2014

Out of 17 stories submitted, the four person jury consisted of:

Eva Sladkova, journalist
Mgr. Martina Galatova, PR manager, Omnimedia Public Relations, s.r.o.
Peter Ivanic, MVRO Platform
Jana Cavojska,
freelance journalist and photographer

decided that the best story submitted was How I became a radical in one week because of refugees by Tomas Bella who works for the daily Dennik N. The second place won Magdalena Vaculciakova, the freelance journalist with her article Kampuchean sugar does not taste sweet. The third best article The boy who survived his own death wrote Pavol Strba from the daily SME.

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