Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Forth bulletin of People in Need on Migration

There is probably not a single person who has not heard about the influx of refugees from Syria and other countries.  We have been bombed by different kind of opinions and views by media, politicians, and experts and the result of it all is just chaos and fear what the future will bring. But maybe instead of focusing just on the situation in Europe, we should try to understand better why people leave countries like Syria and Afghanistan. Have you ever heard about the “climate refugees” and whether they have right to seek asylum in other countries? Do you know that not all economic migrants head to Europe? Most of them go to Qatar (86%) and United Arab Emirates (89%). Furthermore, migration may have positive impact on developing countries and fight poverty as well. Migrants living abroad often send money back to their families who stayed in their country of origin. These remittances made 436 billion of USD in 2014, which is three times more than ODA.  

Last issue of bulletin Migration - causes and impacts brings answers to the above mentioned questions. 

Bulletins were sent to relevant decision makers, i.e. members of Czech national Parliament and Czech representatives in European Parliament, Ministries' officials and key development experts, scholars and NGO representatives.

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