Thursday, 14 May 2015

New bulletins on development cooperation

People in Need publishes two new issues of its bulletins on development cooperation. Bulletins are issued four times a year and sent to relevant decision makers, i.e. members of Czech national Parliament and Czech representatives in European Parliament, Ministries' officials and key development experts, scholars and NGO representatives.

Year 2015 will be crucial for international development. It’s the end of Millennium Development Goals and the beginning of the new post-2015/Sustainable development goals framework, which needs to be accompanied by a new agenda to finance sustainable development. Therefore fist issue concentrates on Financing for development. Topics cover new funding instruments for development, impacts of tax havens on developing countries, how microfinances work as well as interview with Martin Tlapa – Deputy Minister of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Second issue concentrates on Health in developing countries. Topics look at how people get back to normal after the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, Czech hospital in Uganda, how mobiles can help to improve nutrition of children in Cambodia or malnutrition in South Sudan. 

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