Friday, 24 April 2015

Lithuanian journalists and organisers got together for the introductory meeting

Prior to the training which is currently held in Helsinki (organised by VIKES@vikesverkko), we – European House and Lithuanian NGDO Platform- gathered together with our project's journalists from Lithuania for introductory meeting.

Journalists from our media partners  - LRT,, - introduced themselves to each other and our team of organisers did so as well. In Lithuania people very often know about each other, so it was no surprise many of us knew each other from before.

However, these short personal introductions revealed very good news - that the journalists are genuinely interested in development. Someone of them already have been to the trainings (Like of Minority RightsGroup), someone focus on gender equality issue and small and medium enterprises, someone have studied or worked in developing country, someone’s topic is sustainable development and etc.

We, development NGOs' practitioners, were glad to share Lithuanian NGO perspective as well as our knowledge on what is going on in development policies. For a while we discussed an issue of stereotypes in the media, negative news and tendency to victimize people of developing countries. Obviously, the project is very needed and timely.

The most interesting and challenging part was an attempt to define what countries to choose for the trips and sharing the ideas of topics and stories that could be told. The question was still left open.

Inspired we agreed to meet again after the training in Helsinki and to establish tradition of project's participants monthly working breakfast. 

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