Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Let's begin!

January started with good news from the European Commission. The contract for the M4D was signed and we could start the work!

The first joint meeting between the partners took place in Tallinn on 19-20 January 2015. We discussed the modalities of cooperation, signed contracts with partners and planned for the year to come. Many thanks to everyone for your active participation!

Joint events for the first year will be:
-training of documentary makers in Tallinn (ERR, March)
-training journalist in Helsinki (VIKES, April)
-Rountable for policy makers on development financing (Green LIberty, May/June)
-Competititon for best photo/article (PMVRO/NMS partners + BAAG, June-September)
-joint study trip for journalists (VIKES, autumn)

In this blog you can later find reports on all of these events. In addition, there will be national activities in each partner country which will also introcuced through the blog by each partner.

As this is the European Year of Development a lot of awareness raising activities will also take place via the social media. Social media postings will use these two hashtags: #EYD2015 #M4Dproject

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