Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Czech TV on the road in Kenya

Illustration photo: Tereza Hronová
In January and February 2016 Czech TV foreign editor Josef Pazderka visited Kenya to cover the development issues. The trip was a great success and all the stories were broadcast in the Czech TV main news with a daily average viewer rating of 750 000 and rerun in other Czech TV programs.
Illustration photo: Tereza Hronová
The first story was about the rescue mission of highly endangered white rhinos in Kenyan national park. Czech safari in Hradec Kralove set up a rescue plan for the worldwide last three northern white rhinos and is trying to return them in the wild nature in Kenya. 

The reportage covered the joint efforts of Kenyan rangers, Czech team and local communities to save this animal species. On the Valentine’s Day Czech TV broadcast a story about the reality of the rose industry in Kenya and its consequences on the environment and also about the labour condition in the factories and the rose fields.
Kenyan runners are worldwide renowned, but just few know about the harsh conditions and disappointments of runners in Kenya. Next story thus focused on the background of the top level running and the related issues such as doping, prize money or high physical load.
Burundi is currently in deep political crisis and on the edge of being in a civil war. Josef Pazderka explained the context of the conflict and talked about how the conflict can affect neighboring countries.  The last story was about the crucial role of education in development. The TV crew visited Czech educational development projects in Nairobi’s slums and showed how the aid is helping to the most vulnerable people. 

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