Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mondo activities January-February 2016

The new year started with receiving new bracelets from Kenya. The bracelets were again made by women's self-help groups in Shianda village. The two groups who made the bracelets are called Ikoli and Riziki. Kalle Aasamäe, an Estonian designer and volunteer in the area, was the one who gave advice to the women and helped them find the necessary materials. This time the colours were chosen to be green and blue.

In January, the TV crew from ERR visited Birma/Myanmar for making a documentary. Our team members, Johanna and Triinu also travelled to the area during the same time. Silvia Pärmann – a journalist from Delfi (one of the biggest online media channels in Estonia) also travelled with them. Just after Silvia arrived back to Estonia, she was selected as the best travel journalist in Estonia in 2015 :)

Her articles from Myanmar can be found here:

  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/reisiblogi/markmeid-myanmarist-i-kuld-kiirus-korgus-ja-pudel-hugo-bossi-parfuumi?id=73387833
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/reisiblogi/markmeid-myanmarist-ii-aja-seismise-voimalikkusest?id=73387881
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/reisiblogi/markmeid-myanmarist-iii-rand?id=73387909
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/reisiblogi/markmeid-myanmarist-iv-mis-trikke-on-voimalik-opetada-kitsele?id=73387935
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/reisiblogi/markmeid-myanmarist-v-ukski-buddha-kuju-ei-saa-olla-kuldsem-tanintharyi-inimestest?id=73387963
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/news/markmeid-myanmarist-vi-tatoveeritud-nagudega-naised?id=73568397
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/news/markmeid-myanmarist-vii-mrauk-u-udu-volus-ja-varjus?id=73623315
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/news/markmeid-myanmarist-viii-what-do-you-get-when-you-fall-in-love?id=73686985
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/news/markmeid-myanmarist-ix-printsid-ja-sodurid?id=73776529
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/news/markmeid-myanmarist-x-kulad-kuhu-oodatakse-eesti-opetajaid?id=73801131
  • http://reisijuht.delfi.ee/news/news/markmeid-myanmarist-xi-kagu-aasia-koige-kuulsam-jarv?id=73920001
In January another trip finalised – the winner of the article competition "Decent Life for All" returned from Kenya where she visited Mombasasa and communities in the Mara and Shianda village where Mondo also works. In Shianda she visited the schools where Mondo has support programs and saw the work that our recent volunteers have been doing. She has posted photos on her Instagram account (@karolinkruuse) and published two blog posts from the trip:

  • Photo essay from Shianda village: http://karolinkruuse.ee/fotopostitus-shianda-kulast-ja-mtu-mondo-tegemistest/
  • Interview about religion from Mombasa: http://karolinkruuse.ee/my-friend-muslim/ 

February has passed under the star of planning our Ghana-trip that will happen in March. It will be a bigger group than we have had before, so it's quite challenging :)

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