Thursday, 22 October 2015

EYD 2015 at Gymnazium Golianova Nitra

European Year for Development arrived in the high school Gymnazium Golianova Nitra on September 22, 2015.  

25 students from classes 3 A and 28 from 3 B gathered to listen to presentations by Tatiana Kobidova from the Europe Direct Nitra and Dagmar Mekinova from the Slovak Platform of NGDOs.

Tatiana Kobidova introduced EU as the biggest world's aid donor and screened a short video covering the project of the association Človek v ohrození (People in Peril) thanks to which a school was built in Afghanistan.

Dagmar Mekinova talked about members of the Platform and their work in the field of development cooperation, humanitarian aid and global education, achievements of Millennium Development Goals, presented 17 Sustainable Developing Goals and presented year 2015 as the year of three summits important for development: in July, Addis Ababa - Financing for Development; in September, New York: Sustainable Development Summit and in December, Paris: World Climate Summit.

She also explained what ODA means and that promises of rich countries to give 0,7 (0,15) % of their GNI as official international development aid annually are met only by four European countries. On the base of the case study from Zambia by Action Aid explained how multinational companies avoid paying taxes and deprive less developed countries of important financial source.

She also introduced the Platform campaign for a fairer world ZI FER (LIVE FAIR) and ways how everybody can join it as a responsible inhabitant and consumer.

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