Thursday, 13 August 2015

The clips will be completed.

At the beginning of our program we promised that out each documentary topic we will also produce 3 different 4 minutes long short clips. As our program was started with delay we can’t produce these clips out of documentary materials but are forced to use different sources (as our big archive, materials from independent producers and from Internet). We also needed to have a new format for clips as they couldn't be about documentaries any more.

 (United Nations Photo)
But this situation offered an opportunity! As is written in our application: the general public needs more information about the important but also difficult and complex issues that are at the heart of this project (sustainable development, inter-dependencies, development cooperation) to understand how they are part of a global community and share same opportunities but also responsibilities, and how there is a role for everyone to play in overcoming global challenges. This information will be given in variety of ways
We chose to produce educational clips explaining the different and difficult topics in global development business (emphasizing the issues of basic living standards, equality, justice, peace and security as well as management of natural resources to build a more sustainable future).

                                                                            (United Nations Photo)
At the beginning of 1th of August we had the topics and ruff cuts for about 25 clips. We still need to smooth them. At the middle of month we have ten clips ready to presentation in our web-page. At the beginning of September we start airing them.

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