Tuesday, 7 July 2015

PMVRO Activity Update

Monthly themes
We have been continuing in publishing stories/articles by our member organizations that reflect the EYD 2015 monthly themes.
May: Peace and Security
The May story brings an authentic view on the life of people living in Slavjansk, Ukraine who were affected by war conflict.
Imprisoned in their own houses

June: Sustainable Growth, Decent Jobs and Business
This article on decent work gives possibility to a few of real sewers and embroiderers from Salvador to tell their experience with working in the textile and clothing sectors. They work long hours without regulars contracts and get low wages that hardly cover needs of their families. Their attempt to join the organization that provides the legal, social and health assistance and consulting resulted in losing jobs.
Decent job: paradigm of development

Sweet Taxes Bring Poor Life
The Slovak weekly Katolicke noviny publishes in its 25th issue an article Sweet Taxes Bring Poor Life. It tells a story of Caroline from Zambia, a small businesswoman, who pays more taxes then a big company whose products she sells. The article explains how multinational companies avoid paying taxes in countries where they operate and how states like Zambia misses taxes to being able to support education and health care of their inhabitants. Circulation of the weekly is 80 000 and is available also online.

Bulletin 3/2015: From Addis Ababa to New York
The 3rd issue of the bulletin on development cooperation was called From Addis Ababa to New York. It summarises activities accomplished under EYD 2015, introduces 2015 as the year of three important summits, highlights the July conference in Addis Ababa, analyzes possible sources for sustainable development, explains how lost taxes unable less developed countries to increase domestic resource mobilization, brings a case study on the tax avoidance of a multinational corporation in Ghana and explains that EU contributes to problems that make people from developing countries leave their homes and become migrants.  Ambassador František Ružička, Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the UN takes a think on what is needed that the envisaged “future we want” come true.

Photo/story competition launched in Slovakia
The photo/story competition Decent life for all was launched in Slovakia on July 1, 2015. It can be joined by professional photographers or journalists by submitting a photo or an article/a story that was created during/on the basis of the visit of a country that is eligible to receive official development assistance (ODA), in interaction with people from these countries and in case of written entries on base study of available information. The competition gives the competitors an opportunity to enhance public understanding of development issues and to promote achievements made in the field of the development cooperation. Submissions will be accepted until September 20, 2015.
The author of the best story/article will be awarded by grant of 1 500 EUR from the M4D project budget for making a trip to a country with lower income and getting inspired  to write new interesting articles/stories. The author of the best photo will receive a 550 € air ticket from the travel agency TUCAN. Prices for another four winners were donated by: the travel agency TUCAN, the civic association Človek v ohrození (free tickets to the film festival One World), traveller’s festival Cestou necestou (free tickets), the company Ten Senses s.r.o. (fair trade coffee), civic association CEEV Živica (relaxation stays), the company CeWeColor -FOTOLAB (free service vouchers), the SlovakAid (set of gifts) and the Representation of EC in Slovakia (set of gifts).

Good news – SlovakAid to co-finance the Media4Development project
We are happy to inform that the Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation approved our project proposal to co-finance the ERR2015:Media4Develpment project from the budget of the Slovak ODA SlovakAid.

Participation in the informal Media briefing: Tax evasion - why Europe does not play fair?
Informal breakfast meeting with journalists organised by PMVRO was held on 17th June where the invitation to the photo and story/article competition was presented. The meeting was an excellent occasion to have an informal talk with media representatives and to build the relationship with the media community.

Preparation phase of the Development Day 2015
The communication has started with SlovakAid about collaboration and the support of the event where the winners of the photo and story/article competition will be awarded. The event will be held on 14th October in the premises of the Old Market Hall in Bratislava.  We have started a communication with guests and participants and started a preparation of the concept of the event.

Preparation of the brochure Aidwatch report 2014
A short quantitative and qualitative evaluation report of the Slovak official development cooperation of the past year has being prepared by PMVRO. The brochure will be sent along with the Bulletin 3/2015 to the decision makers and media representatives.

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